Before Placing Your Custom Apparel Order, Review This Checklist


What is custom apparel?

Wouldn’t it be great to personalize garments to serve as an authentic representation of your precise likes, interests, and hobbies? How cool would it be if you got to be in charge of the nuances of the design yourself and achieve your fashion-oriented goals? 

Well, you no longer have to fantasize about the vast promises and possibilities of custom apparel. Today, you can transform every single one of your dreams into reality by enlisting the help of Heights DTG Printing’s DIY tool. 

Here, we vow to help you design your custom apparel order in ways that remain incredibly visually pleasing and allow you to convey important messages to the public.

To put it simply, custom apparel is all about incorporating design elements of your choice to achieve your fashion goals. Specifically designed to the buyer’s request, these garments are tailor-made to reflect your personal preferences. 

Heights DTG Printing’s DIY Custom Apparel Tool

At Heights DTG Printing, we aim to give our lovely clients a user-friendly DIY tool that paves the way for pure and utter customization. To begin with, we offer an array of vivid, vibrant color options to serve as the background of your t-shirt or hoodie design. 

Additionally, we are happy to provide an exciting catalog of shapes, clipart, and fonts for visual appeal to a great degree. Perhaps you want to incorporate a witty phrase into your custom t-shirt order — or maybe you wish to include a personal photograph that evokes a lot of emotion and contains valuable sentiment. 

Feel free to insert the images and text of your choice for customization like never before! 

Lastly, feel free to use one of our templates to keep track of your various layers — and sit back and relax as we replicate your design to perfection.

Regardless of the particular requirement you wish to fulfill; custom apparel is here to meet every single one of your needs. After all, it is created only and only for you. 

Unique in every sense of the word, you’ll never find another piece like this anywhere else — so be sure to make full use of our customization feature and use fashion to speak volumes about yourself or the things you hold dear. Before you embark on the print customization journey and place your custom apparel order, we recommend keeping some things in mind. 

Review the checklist mentioned below for incredible results!

Before Jumping to Place Your Order, Ask Yourself What the Garments Are For

Before you officially place the offer, it is essential to dwell on the purpose of the garments. 

Perhaps you wish to organize a 5k marathon to raise money for an important charity and require custom apparel to spread awareness about the significant event and also unite all of the participants — or perhaps you wish to release a brand new album and need custom t-shirts and hoodies to not only promote the launch but also serve as merchandise for your dear fans. Maybe you want to celebrate your closest friend’s upcoming bachelorette party and create personalized garments to serve as a little toast. 

Whether you prefer to place an order for volunteer teamwork, brand marketing, or personal reasons, Heights DTG Printing’s custom apparel will help you reach all of your goals.

Take your time to think about what precisely the t-shirts are for, who will be wearing them, and where they’re going to be used. By pondering upon these questions beforehand, you’ll find it easier to select the correct design components later. 

For instance, if you want to place a custom t-shirt order to drive engagement for your brand or non-profit organization, you might want to include bold fonts, bigger designs, and a handful of significant calls to action. 

We’ll guide you further regarding design and stylistic choices later in this blog — but for now, consider all of these elements and ask yourself several questions to save substantial time and money in the long run.

Consider How Many Pieces You Should Order and How You’ll Deliver Them to Your Target Audience or Consumer


When it comes to your custom apparel order, you want to ensure you don’t order too few or too many. Having an inadequate number of garments can potentially disappoint your target audience — and having an excessive amount can lead to unnecessary inventory and have determinant aftereffects on your bank account. 

We want to avoid such unwelcome, unpleasant consequences at any cost and prevent your garments from going to waste.

How do I do that, you ask? Consider thoroughly and plan just how many people you’re buying these t-shirts or hoodies for. 

At Heights DTG Printing, we are more than happy to customize as many garments as you want — and we vow to never compromise on quality. 

When it comes to delivering the products to your target consumers, it is essential to follow some crucial tips.

For example, if you’re planning on handing out the articles at an event, make sure to organize the clothes by size and label them for your convenience. If you aim to deliver them in the mail, we recommend purchasing good-quality envelopes and learning how to fold clothes effectively. 

Additionally, to purchase the correct articles, we suggest creating a small form to determine how many garments of each size are required and whether the designs should be unisex or gender-specific. Consistently keep track of crucial elements like names, sizes, and addresses — and collect and alphabetically organize your data in a spreadsheet or document for optimal outcomes.

Focus On Your Design and Stylistic Choices

Essentially, the secret to breathtaking custom apparel adored by everyone is a great design — and we are here to tell you just how you can visually capture your audience’s attention. 

Well-thought-out stylistic choices can go a long, long way. Remember that the goal is to create a piece that remains both easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. To ensure such results, measure exactly where you’re going to place your design within the location; typically, the ideal location is approximately 4 inches from the collar and centered around the midpoint. 

Good composition is vital — and we want to avoid arranging elements too close or too far from one another. The key is to prevent imbalance, cluttering, and/or clashing for visual enhancement.

Additionally, you must make the right color choices and consider the color contrasts that will elevate your garment to a great extent. We advise you to stick to solid colors and a limited color palette for designs that remain easy on the eye. 

Moreover, we urge you to consider your font and typography choices carefully. Pay close attention to elements like letter spacing and line spacing — and think about how your type will interact with your other design elements. Lastly, keep the shirt or hoodie simple and avoid overdoing anything. Simplicity, as always, is the key here. 

As you use Heights DTG Printing’s fantastic DIY tool to insert the likes of high-quality images and meaningful text into your design, keep these tips in mind for guaranteed success!

Heights DTG Printing Is Here to Provide You with the Trendiest Apparel and the Best Print Customization Services in Town

Do you want to customize t-shirts to promote the launch of your company’s brand new product? Are you looking to create custom apparel to showcase advocacy for a vital social movement? Heights DTG Printing is here to offer the finest print customization services in the U.S.

Say goodbye to the hunt for a professional, reliable fashion company — and say hello to trendy, comfortable custom apparel that transcends all expectations.

Here, we take pride in the impeccable quality of our t-shirts and hoodies — and we promise to help you create something that you or the people around you can wear with pride. You, too, can customize garments to evoke powerful emotion and send out an array of messages to the world. 

Fashion, essentially, is a language of sorts — and what better way to communicate and share a story than by personalizing articles of clothing to match particular attributes, likes, and preferences? 

Use our excellent DIY tool to design the piece of your dreams — and allow our professional digital printing to do the rest. Before you know it, the entire world will be watching in awe. 

Do you wish to create a personalized piece that serves as an appropriate fit for the occasion or purpose of your choice? Heights DTG Printing’s built-in customization tool will make your job much easier! Design your custom t-shirt within minutes.

Browse through our printed t-shirts and get your hands on a trendy design today at Heights DTG Printing.


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