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Why Are T-Shirts So Great?

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? Worn and adored by millions around the globe, this garment finds itself in the wardrobes of endless individuals for a good reason. 
To put it simply, it is the very definition of versatility. Found in various colors and designs, sleeve t-shirts are ideal for all occasions. Perhaps you wish to go hiking and explore the vast depths of the outdoors with your closest friends — or maybe you need to make a quick trip to your nearest grocery store to grab some essentials. Perhaps you just want to stay in and get a whole night’s sleep to recharge yourself. Regardless of what you’d like to do or where you’d like to go, t-shirts serve as the ultimate go-to option. It gets even better. Not only are these articles extremely multipurpose, but they’re also comfortable in every sense of the word. When you don a t-shirt, you never have to face discomfort no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s as simple as that. 

At Heights DTG Printing, we provide our lovely clients with t-shirts crafted from only the purest cotton — and we promise that the soft material will allow you to enjoy all kinds of life activities daily. By providing you with an unparalleled level of ease and relaxation, sleeve t-shirts will make you feel like you’re on top of the world every day. Bid farewell to sweat and suffocation — and say hello to pure contentment. Aside from being incredibly versatile and comfortable, sleeve t-shirts are also great communication tools. To elaborate, you can use these garments to creatively express yourself and share your likes and interests with others. For instance, Band t-shirts demonstrate your love for the musical group of your choice and allow you to connect with other like-minded people. In addition, these garments are also very easy to wear, ensuring that you can save precious time and be as productive as possible. 

Moreover, compared to other wardrobe staples like suits and dresses, t-shirts are relatively affordable and cost-effective. Spending just a few bucks can provide you with a high-quality article that’ll last you every day in every season. Thanks to a combination of these factors, t-shirts are the priority choice of countless people worldwide. 
Guaranteed to never go out of style, t-shirts are immensely invaluable. Ideal for every event and also immune to the turning tides of runway trends, these garments are undoubtedly must-haves. At Heights DTG Printing, we provide you with the most wonderful cotton t-shirts in the U.S
Read ahead for some great t-shirt design tips to style these pieces to perfection!

What Are Some Helpful T-Shirt Design Tips and Styling Ideas?

Heights DTG Printing is proud to offer customized t-shirts to meet all of your fashion-oriented needs. By enlisting the help of the user-friendly tool on our website, you can personalize garments to your complete liking and make an array of stylistic choices. 
Here, we make no compromises on customer satisfaction — so you can rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you ordered and more. 
Wondering how you can design your articles to perfection? 
Consider the following t-shirt design tips for incredible results!

1. Perfect the Placement 

For starters, you must consider the placement of your design within the print location. Contrary to popular belief, the standard full front placement is not halfway between the top and the bottom of the garment but rather 4 inches from the collar instead. Typically, choosing the belly as the print area of choice leads to unflattering results — so we advise centering your designs based on the midpoint. 
However, there are always certain exceptions to the rule, which means that some non-symmetrical designs must be centered more visually instead. Standard print locations include the entire front, full back, or left chest. Our design team is more than happy to fulfill any other requests regarding alternative print areas. Perfect your design placement to walk the streets with confidence like never before!

2. Focus on the Composition

You need to consider how your design elements are arranged with each other. 
Don’t know how to improve your composition game? Allow us to help! 
Feel free to take your time to understand what works best for your garment and experiment with different layouts using our DIY tool. We advise balancing the various components of the design to ensure that they are not too spaced apart or bunched up together. This effort will pay off immensely and lead to fashionable success at the end of the day. 

3. Select the Right Fonts and Typography

When it comes to great t-shirt designs, it is crucial to consider both fonts — the style of the text — and typography — the visual arrangement of the words. In simple terms, you need to pay close attention to the letter spacing and line spacing and ensure that the different text elements interact in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 
Moreover, you have to make the right font choices to achieve your desired purpose. The thing is, the font possesses the power to communicate specific messages and evoke important emotions. So you must choose one or more that suit the particular context of your design. 
Childish or unnecessarily complicated and fancy fonts, for instance, will not serve as ideal options for corporate, professional designs. In terms of additional advice, make sure to avoid incorporating massive block lettering or excessive textures and drop shadows — consider how your t-shirt font and type interrelate with your imagery. The key is not to overdo it for visual enhancement like no other. 

4. Consider Your Color Choices

It is imperative that you consider the colors you’ll use in your design from the get-go. Typically, solid colors and limited color usage are your best bet. Because colors possess the ability to have strong visual effects on people, you must carefully choose secondary and tertiary shades that complement your end goal. 
Aesthetically speaking, adding excessive colors can backfire tremendously and contribute to clashing that takes away from the beauty of the shirt. In short, pay attention to contrast: the way different shades correspond to one another. 
Typically, light colors stand out more on dark backgrounds, whereas dark colors appear more on light backgrounds. However, you are always welcome to opt for a subtler, low-contrast look if it meets your needs. Choose from our wide variety of colors to achieve all of your design goals today!

5. Pay Attention to Image Quality

To customize the garment and have it serve as an authentic representation of yourself, you are likely considering adding photos to your t-shirt. Images can undoubtedly visually elevate your design and add a meaningful, personal element to the design. 
As you begin to integrate these elements, start with images of only the highest quality. In simple words, low-resolution pictures do not contain enough pixel information to contribute to stellar print quality — and the last thing we want is for your photographs on your final product to appear pixelated. 
Always try to scan your images at a high resolution and find the original version when applicable. In addition, we encourage you to use vector graphics for clean, crisp results. Allow us to take care of the rest!

6.Keep it Simple

To be candid, the key to design success is pure and utter simplicity. Incorporating excessive elements will lead to unnecessary cluttering and make your design more complex than it has to be. Because humans can only process a certain amount of information at once, we advise you to avoid unnecessarily complicating your design. 
Although it can be tempting to add more colors or experiment with the angles and the composition, it can end up leading to chaotic results. In simple words, your t-shirt should be easy to read and effortlessly pleasing to the eye. Simplify your design to ensure that it looks perfect from every possible angle — and own a personalized product that stays true to who you are.

Where Can I Find Trendy, Comfortable T-Shirts for Everyday Usage?

At Heights DTG Printing, the goal was — and still is — relatively simple: to provide customers with customizable printing services of only the highest quality. 
Not only do we provide you with a highly effective tool to insert custom text and graphics into your garment, but we also work diligently to replicate your design to the best of our abilities, ensuring that you’ll receive a product that matches exactly what you envisioned. 
We use only the most durable and luxurious cotton to craft your beautiful garments and offer an array of t-shirt sizes. Whether you’re looking to stay in for a movie night during the cold winter months or go out for an iced latte during the scorching hot summer, our t-shirts are ideal for every activity and occasion. Here, we prioritize both fashion and comfort, the essence of which is reflected in our garments. Purchase one today — and see for yourself! 
Are you searching for the trendiest t-shirts and the finest print customization services with a rapid turnaround time? 

Find the best quality t-shirt at Heights DTG Printing to make fashion statements and receive premium digital printing at affordable rates! Browse through the printed t-shirt collection and get one for yourself today. 

Look and feel your very best today.

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